About Puerfil

Puerfil is a high-concentration dietary supplement that consists of 5 products: for moisturizing, elasticity and skin health; for strong shining hair and strong nails; for weight loss, reducing hunger and increasing energy levels; for healthy joints and to increase the level of male energy and sexual activity.

There are 20 shots in each package, designed for 20 days of consumption.

Each shot (25 ml) consists of plant extracts, biologically active components, amino acids, antioxidants, coenzymes and the most essential vitamins and minerals. All ingredients are of the highest quality and in high concentration for maximum and quick effect. Healthy beauty starts from the inside with Puerfil.


Zofia faced the problem of fragility and hair loss. Thanks to the Hair and nails beauty complex, she managed to solve this problem. The hair began to fall out less and look more radiant and nourished from the inside.

I passed the Skin boost collagen complex and immediately saw the first results. My skin has become more nourished, moisturized and radiant from the inside. I even began to use creams less often, since there is no need for this. I recommend all girls after 25 to drink this course regularly.